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Mid-Week Mind

Mid-Week Mind for March 22nd


Bake Sale and Ms. Pat

Welcome to our Blog page.

Blog - short for Weblog, is a section of our church website that consists of informal diary-style text entries or short stories.

Easter Sunday

During this time of staying home, I find myself reminiscing about my childhood a lot. I decided to share with all of you, my memories of Easter Sunday at HPFUMC back in the day.

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Mid-Week Mindfulness by Joe Bistayi

BE STILL – One of life’s greatest challenges is “being still”…to stop talking, stop listening to music or the tv, to stop doing whatever. So, here’s the challenge. Set aside 3-5 minutes (right now if you can) and allow yourself to simply be (no noise, no distractions, no activity, not even praying). Just be still in the presence of God.

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